I colori dell'orto Wa Be

We all know the story of F.lli Belotti, but not everyone knows the story of Wa Be.  It was 1967 when the Belotti company was founded by father Guido and son Graziano. It is well known that behind a great man there is always a great woman, for Graziano that woman was his wife, Walder Maria They worked together for years on the development and innovation of the company and if today we can call ourselves a great family, rich in history and tradition, but with an eye to the future and the new, we owe it to the two of them. This is why we thought the perfect name for the brand that represents history, tradition and innovation was Wa Be, Walder Belotti.  A line of products designed by combining the ancient techniques of the canning art with new products and technologically advanced methods to create the perfect combination of history and the future! 

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Dried Cherry Tomatoes - 327 ml

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The 'cherry' tomato type is smaller and more delicate; with slightly sweeter notes than the classic tomato, it goes perfectly with the oil in which it is preserved. 

It is one of two products in the WaBe line in that the traditional dried tomato is replaced by a more delicate tomato and olive oil is substituted for seed oil to enhance the delicate notes of the cherry. 

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