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"Romana" Style Artichokes with Stalk- 720 ml

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The first fruit of the artichoke plant. 

As it is still small and tender, it can be eaten whole, from the heart to the stalk! 

An unmistakable experience for the palate, the artichoke with its stalk is synonymous with crunchiness and deliciousness. 

The 'Roman style' recipe with its notes of parsley and garlic gives the artichoke a unique and distinctive character. 

Sublime when savoured with semi-mature cheeses or charcuterie. 

"Villanella" Style Artichokes - 314 ml

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Delicious artichokes cut in half and flavoured with parsley and garlic. 

‘Alla Villanella’ is a recipe studied and perfected over the years by the Belotti family, with which the founders wanted to give a stronger and more appetising flavour to the vegetables stored in the jar. Excellent as a side dish for meat plates. 

Pairing them with a board of freshly sliced ham is another way to enjoy the fresh, delicate taste of our artichokes.

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