Do you know the differences between green olives?

We'll explain them to you!

  • green olives: the classic ones, excellent as an aperitif or side dish. Calibre 16/18. With stone
  • pitted green olives: the taste of olives without worrying about the stone. Perfect for indulging in the kitchen or as a snack on the fly! Calibre 24/26. Pitted.
  • giant green olives: the biggest, juiciest and tastiest! Great as an aperitif or in a Martini cocktail! Calibre 8/9. With stone
  • stuffed green olives: olives stuffed with peppers, an explosion of flavour! Calibre 24/26. Stone-free.
  • spiced green olives: the crunchiness of green olives meets the notes of spices, a secret recipe from the Belotti family! Calibre 16/18. With stone.

PS: if you don't know what the size of the olives means, read the article we made especially to explain it to you!

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