Which mushroom is right for you?

  • Pizzaiola mushrooms: champignon mushrooms, sliced and dressed with tomato and capers, a delight for the palate.
  • mushrooms trifolati: the delicacy of champignon mushrooms intensified by processing with aromatic herbs.
  • mushrooms alla villanella: the delicacy of champignon mushrooms meets the aroma of parsley.
  • mixed mushrooms with porcini mushrooms: all the flavour of the forest even more delicious thanks to porcini mushrooms.
  • whole porcini mushrooms: the king of mushrooms, hand-picked and preserved in olive oil.
  • "Nameko" mushrooms: small and crunchy. A curiosity: eaten raw they are toxic, but once cooked and preserved in olive oil they become edible and very tasty.
  • grown mushrooms: the lightness of the whole mushroom meets the notes of olive oil!
  • moss mushrooms: very rare in nature, they grow in grassy environments, hence the name 'moss mushroom'. A rarity not to be missed!

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