On World Food Day, we want to share our commitment to two of the goals of the 2030 Agenda 

  • Goal number 12 - responsible consumption and production

To reduce consumption and material waste, all plastic that arrives at the company in the form of packaging is collected, sent to one of our partner companies and processed to create the cellophane reels that will later be used to package our pots. 

Our commitment does not end there: we try to buy km0 products from local producers and with contracts designed to support them. 

This allows local producers to carry on their business and niche products not to die out; this is the case with Moscatelli cucumbers, typical of the Bergamo area, picked by local farmers with whom we have established a solid and lasting relationship. 

  • Objective number 13 - Take action for the climate

We started a collaboration with Phoresta that led us to become Carbon Neutral and embark on a path with the goal of becoming Carbon Free. 

Nature is what gives us the products we conserve every day with passion and tradition, protecting it is our duty!


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