Behind every single olive there is work that starts about a year before the actual production: 


For the olive tree, the first cold months (December and January) correspond to a period of vegetative rest.

This is the best period for pruning olive trees, a delicate and crucial phase!


At the end of February the vegetative recovery begins, i.e. the phase in which new, light green leaves appear on the branches.

This is the ideal time to devote oneself to the various cultivation practices: fertilisation, irrigation and disinfecting treatments.


The flowering phase is followed by the fruit set phase in which the flower withers and houses; at this point the transformation of the flowers into fruit begins.

At these stages, the grower is essential to control every moment in order to guarantee the excellence of the final product.


October marks the beginning of the veraison phase: this is when the olives change colour, indicating their stage of ripeness.

Choosing the right time to harvest the olives is essential to obtain an oil that has low acidity, a fragrant aroma and can be stored for longer.

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